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Inner Peace: The Heartbeat of World Peace


Dale Steele

Certified Facilitator
The Work of Byron Katie


[My partner] and I had the most honest, mature conversation we've ever had. The Work you and I did together beforehand was very instrumental in my shifts.
Thanks for helping me make such a big shift so quickly.
You're a graceful guide.
~David, Ohio, USA

Love and gratitude for this explosive Work. Thanks for putting yourself into it so fully with your sharings. Grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful.
~Leila, Brussels, Belgium

Your kind and gentle invitation to me to slow down and really take in the self realizations was a big moment for me.
Your open heart and dedication to serving "my" peace, whilst solidly tracking your own experience and supporting me with examples, really makes me feel heard and met.
In my most vulnerable moments I have felt safe to share anything which arises and wants to be heard.
I am so grateful to you, your authentic way and your love.
~Karen, Southampton, UK

Dale held my feet to the fire, and it was just what I needed. For the first time in my life someone cared enough to hold the space for my own accountability to unfold. If you sense that some facet of your life is just out of the reach of your conscious awareness, and you're tired of self-sabotaging, clarity is the antidote, and Dale knows how to facilitate it!
~Susan, Hawaii, USA

I have worked with Dale several times. I very much appreciate his stillness, his presence, his softness, as well as his firmness to hold the four questions in exactly the way I need to drop deeply inside myself to allow the answers to surface. After each session with Dale I felt a release, my perception shifted in relation to the theme I was working on, always. Thank you Dale, great work!
~Gisela, Mexico

I can't recommend this man highly enough. Much of my work over the past years has been done in the embrace of his capable heart and expertise. For me what works so well is that I feel both safe and also taken right to edge of my confusion - and then beyond. My life, relationships and sense of self is just simply not the same.
I only refer to people with whom I myself would work, and Dale is top on that list!
~Kristin, Colorado, USA

Being facilitated by you, Dale, was a great experience for me. I felt held by your presence, compassion and kindness. When I dove into my fears and my desperation, I felt safe with you. You shared honestly and openly from your experience and I felt the connection with you. I totally trusted you, because you know my place of suffering from your own experience. Love you!
~Heinz, Vienna, Austria

Working with Dale is one of my favorite things. Finding him has been like hitting the jackpot - one that keeps on giving. He's shown me his generosity, not only in how he articulately gives, but also in how he receives - this has been especially sweet to me. With him I can be teacher as well as student.

The first day I Worked with him I addressed my most feared issue. He lovingly and skillfully guided me to the place where the feeling of separation occurred, gently yet firmly holding me close to that place so that I could explore it thoroughly. Dale provides me with the space where it feels safe to relax into the "don't know" mind and see the situation with new eyes.

Since then it has been a flow of opening up and feeling the safety and comfort that he has always conveyed. In our sessions I feel I'm a more open, trusting, vulnerable, and honest version of myself. I'm able to trust my instinct to say what I want to say or to not say anything at all, if that's what I need.
~Patricia, Tarifa, Spain

The time with Dale doing The Work was the most profound experience I've ever had doing of The Work Inquiry. Time and circumstances invited the opportunity for Dale to provide a unique and daily practice, in my home. When he arrived, I felt completely broken. Dale held space, time, and me in The Work with expertise and invitations to look within, and to tolerate the painful thoughts, images, physical sensations, and intense emotions that wanted to be lived. I had suppressed so much and it was time. Dale was with me through the entire experience supporting me to finally identify the stories, and feel it all.

Dale shared with me his experiences of what works. And when I thought it wasn't working, still believing my stories, thankfully he could see it was working. His invitations to welcome the fears and seek my truth was done in a way that unfolded naturally and allowed me to move and be moved by Love. When I couldn't give myself permission to feel, he was there. When I didn't know what to do, he did and the encouragement was gentle and inspiring. We coordinated an in-home immersion unique for me and my needs. It was absolutely perfect! Together, we spent hours in Inquiry with Dale exquisitely facilitating me through my most divine journey yet. What I thought was a breakdown turned into a re-creation and building up.

This deep work, and Dale's guidance, his sharing and loving, kind, open hearted, available support, has catapulted my understandings and brought me to a deeper peace and availability to myself to welcome more, and trust myself and The Work through whatever may arise. He stayed with me through my deepest pain, a trauma I didn't realize was as deep as it was, and a severe depression I thought would never release me. Truly, The Work works and Dale's facilitation has simply expanded my world and complete trust that it works. There are no words to adequately express my gratitude. Thank you so very much, Dale, for creating a safe, warm, loving, peaceful, connected opportunity for me when I could not do so for myself. Thank you for sharing your most incredible gifts to move peace in the world. It certainly moved it in me and my world. The Work does show the way.
~J, Arizona USA

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It's my privilege to share time with you as you come to meet your dear, precious self with understanding.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for being you.

Dale B Steele
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