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Inner Peace: The Heartbeat of World Peace



Self Inquiry helps you tap your wisdom.

Inquiry allows you to access your own deepest truth. It helps you set yourself free. It is an impressively effective process which invites your enlightening brilliance to surface.

The truth will set you free, but until you know how to tap it, it remains obscure. As your facilitator, I can help you stay on track and hold the space for you to go deep into your inner world.

About Sessions:
Inquiry is a way to peace. It can help you find your way to your deepest insights, realizations and clarity. Inquiry works best when it is done with an open mind and for the love of what's true for you.

Your sincerity is the key to receiving the unbounded generous benefits of meeting your wisdom.

What to expect
You can expect to be met where you are at. What I mean by that is when you are fairly new to inquiry, you can expect to be guided and supported in using the tools offered in The Work of Byron Katie. This includes being facilitated in using the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and in addressing the concerns brought to light on the Worksheet. When you are already familiar with using the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and with inquiry, I'll gently yet firmly hold the space for you to do your work. This includes me drawing from over a dozen years of experience and insights using The Work. Please see Praise to see what others have to say.

I offer rates tailored to you.
You can receive a rate reduction by paying upfront for a series of sessions.
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